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Во избежании кривотолков, текст оставлен как был в оригинале.

Etruscan helmet with boars on the cheeks, early 5th century BCE

Nestorian Christian Cross emblazoned with Swastika, dated 13th century and found in Inner Mongolia, Northwest China. The encircling bird motif may represent the soul.

Warhammer for foot combat. Germany, about 1440

Armor of an Officer of the Imperial Palace Guard, Chinese, 18th century

Celtic helmet with a complete winged-bird crest from the 3rd century BCE, found at Ciumesti, Romania.

Armor made for the Duke of Medina Sidonia, commander of the Spanish Armada, 1590, Walters Art Museum

Fencing doublet (Leather, silk, linen, cotton), Western European 1580

Polish winged hussar armor, c. XVII century

Gladiator helmet with cheek-pieces, Rome, ca 300-500 AD, found in the Roman Colosseum

Brilevsky treasure - one of the most significant numismatic complexes of the Early Middle Ages on the territory of Belarus. The find includes 290 silver Arab dirhams and their fragments, parts of the hryvnia, a complex of copper, as well as a broken Frankish sword in several places.

Viking age sword discovered at Loppi, Finland. The sword was found by a metal detecting hobbyist from his own farmstead. He promptly informed Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

Executioner sword with inscription: When I raise this sword, so I wish that this poor sinner will receive eternal life. Germany, 1600s

Maya figurine of standing male from Jaina, Campeche, Mexico. 650-800 AD

Limestone door jamb of Thutmose IV (c. 1400 BCE) from excavation East of the Great Sphinx

Etruscan wolf’s head helmet, 6th-5th century BC, currently at Harvard

The gilded roman bronze horse head from a 1st century equestrian statue found in Waldgirmes, central Germany.

Secutor Helmet found at the gladiators’ barracks of Pompeii, 1st Century A.D.

Helmet in the form of a sea conch shell, Japan 1618

Griffon Bourguignotte by Negroli (c1540-1545)

Chalcidian style Helmet and Muscle Cuirass of a Greek warrior. Found in Apulia, modern day south-east Italy. 340 to 330 BC.

Flintlock Hand Mortar

Manufactured by Moynat in Lyon, France c.1780.
A brass-barreled 18th century grenade launcher, probably used in sea or siege battles if at all.


Hans Stopler’s revolver

Manufactured c.1597 by Hans Stopler in the Imperial free city of Nuremberg, later passed in the possession of a Norwegian general.
~.30 caliber blackpowder revolver, 8-shot manually indexed cylinder, snaplock mechanism.
One of the very first revolver designs we can account for, more than two hundred years before Samuel Colt invented the single action. This firelock pistol had a large cylinder rotating around a brass collar, holding eight chambers each with their own flashpan for priming powder, covered by eight spring-loaded brass pan covers. The use of brass was probably to avoid sparks from setting off any chain reaction.
This meant for each shot, the person firing the gun had to half cock the gun, index the cylinder, open the flashpan, pull down the frizzen, cock the gun fully and then fire. This increased the fire rate mostly by nixing the need to reload until after all eight shots were fired, but was otherwise pretty rudimentary.

R&L 1849 pepperbox pistol

Manufactured by Robbins and Lawrence in Windsor, Vermont - serial number 3149.
.28 cap and ball, double action, bar hammer and ring trigger.
Pepperbox pistols were popular in the early to mid-19th century, when big hits from Colt, Adams and Lefaucheux made revolvers the new norm.

John Jones? Mourning ring, 1657 - 1664


# Артемий 2019-08-18 12:51
Велики кстати в армии Швейцарии досихпор,не с такими пуле- взрыво стойкими колесами..
# waffen 2019-08-18 13:22
С вашего позволения, черкну вам на почту.

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