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Colt ‘Root’ 1855 military revolving rifle

Colt ‘Root’ 1855 military revolving rifle

Designed by Elisha K. Root and made by the Colt Manufacturing Company for its 1856 military contract - serial number 322 from an order of 101 guns.
.44 cap and ball six-round cylinder, Root sidehammer single action, creeping loading lever, military style full length foregrip.
I can’t help but love these things even though they weren’t the most practical.

Samuel Colt managed to get in a few military contracts for his new product thanks to his prior sales of Paterson ring lever rifles to various US Army regiments - a total of 1100 military style Root revolving rifle were thus produced, which in turn boosted the sales on the civilian market.

Colt ‘Root’ 1855 military revolving rifle

 Colt ‘Root’ 1855 military revolving rifle



RSC Fusil Semi-Automatique Mle1917

Designed by Ribeyrolles, Sutter, and Chauchat - made by the Manufacture d’Armes de Tulle in France c.1917~18.
8x51mmR Lebel five-round en-bloc clip, gas-operated semi-automatic, loaded from the bottom.
Made with several Lebel parts, the RSC Mle1917 was the first semi-automatic military rifle to be mass-issued and used during a major conflict, namely World War one. It was a far cry from the revolutionary designs of the French rifle trials of the early 20th century, but it was decently reliable and provided a lot more firepower than the old Lebel Mle1886.










Spencer-Burnside M1865 carbine

Designed by Christopher Miner Spencer, manufactured by Burnside Rifle Company c.1865-69 - serial number 4563.
.56-56 Spencer seven-round tubular stock magazine, lever action repeater with manually cocked hammer, socket bayonet.
Because poking people with pointy things is the basis of warfare.


Joslyn M1864 carbine

Designed by Benjamin Franklin Joslyn, manufactured by Joslyn Firearms Company c.1864-65 - serial number 14892.
.54/13,7x22RF Joslyn single shot, breech loading, saddle ring, manually cokec hammer.
One of the many single shot carbine of the American Civil War, the rifle variant was the first breechloading firearm manufactured by the Springfield armory.


Lindsay 1863 double musket

Lindsay 1863 double musket

Patented in 1860 and manufactured in 1863 in New York for the Union Army.
.58 cap and ball, two superposed shot, two hammers dropped sequentially by a single trigger. The first pull drops the right hammer, firing the front load, the second pull drops the left hammer, firing the rear load.
A bizarre rifled musket adopted by the US military, on paper it could double the firepower of a soldier. In practice however i required careful loading of both powder charges and bullets to be in their right position, and the front load would often not ignite due to the long flash channel getting fouled up and blocking the percussion cap’s blast. This could lead in disastrous misfire if the rear load was fired before the front one, often resulting in the explosion of the breech.
About a thousand were used at the battle of Peeble’s Farm before it was dropped from use due to its poor performance.


S&W Model 320 revolving rifle

Manufactured by Smith & Wesson c.1879-87 - serial number 862.
.32 six-round cylinder, top break single action, removable stock, 18″ barrel.
Designed from the successful No3 revolver, the Model 320 is probably the rarest non-prototype Smith & Wesson gun to be produced. This is almost certainly related to the impracticality of revolving rifles, which tend to shower your left hand with gas and burning powder with each shot.


Colt M1822/54 conversion rifled musket

Colt M1822/54 conversion rifled musket

Manufactured c.1816-1820′s at the Harpers Ferry and Springfield arsenals as flintlock smoothbore muskets based on the Charleville Mle1777, bought and converted by Samuel Colt during the Crimean war - multiple serial numbers.
.69 ball, single shot caplock muzzle loader, leaf rear sight.
One of the rifles ordered by the Russians at the beginning of the Crimean war, provided by Colt’s 1854 patent caplock conversion.


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