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Remington New Model Police 1863

Manufactured by E. Remington and Sons c.1865-73 in New York - no apparent serial number.
.38 rimfire five-round cylinder, single action, Remington style cylinder release.


Manufactured either in the US or in France/Belgium c.1869~1870′s - serial number 204.
.32 cap and ball twin-shot cylinder, single action with spur trigger, brass knuckle folding handle, brass frame, blued cylinder.
A very streamlined version of Louis Dolne’s more famous Apache pepperbox, without the useless folding blade and with a noticeably slimmer profile due to its reduced cylinder capacity. There’s no way to know if that gun was a copy or a production of Dolne himself, but the lack of name and the use of a caplock firing mechanism indicates it might have in fact been an American production.


Pieper revolver, Mexican contract

Manufactured in Liege, Belgium c.~1893 by Henri Pieper for the Mexican Rurales.
8x50mm Pieper seven-round cylinder, Nagant-type gas seal, Pryse rebounding hammer, swing out double action with star ejector.


Galand revolver

Designed and manufactured by Charles François Galand c.1868 - serial number 3709 and AG6168.
9mmCF Galand six-round cylinder, break action with the trigger guard being used as a lever to make the front part of the gun slide forward and eject the spent cartridges.


S&W Model 320 revolving rifle

    Manufactured by Smith & Wesson c.1879-87 - serial number 862.
    .32 six-round cylinder, top break single action, removable stock, 18″ barrel.
    Designed from the successful No3 revolver, the Model 320 is probably the rarest non-prototype Smith & Wesson gun to be produced. This is almost certainly related to the impracticality of revolving rifles, which tend to shower your left hand with gas and burning powder with each shot.


Triplett and Scott 1864 Patent carbine

Made by Meriden Manufacturing Company for the Kentucky militia c.1865 - serial number 1239.
.56-50 rimfire Spencer ~7 round tubular magazine - in the stock, unique rotating breech action.


Ivory handle factory engraved Robbins & Lawrence pepperbox revolver, mid 19th century.


Früwirth M1872 Gendarmerie repeating rifle

Designed and manufactured by Ferdinand Früwirth c.1872 in Vienna - serial number 3660.
11,15x36R 8-round tubular magazine, bolt action repeater, skeleton pistol grip.


Needham and Atkinson 1881 rifle

Manufactured by Needham&Sons c.1880′s in England.
.450 Needham centerfire proprietary cartridge, ~16-round tubular magazine, lever action with two-chamber cylinder elevator and automatic extractor on each cycle.


S&W Hand Ejector 1st Model snubnose revolver

Manufactured by Smith and Wesson starting in 1896.
.32 S&W Long six-round swing-out cylinder, double action.

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