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Half-Shaffron (1,2 kg), Germany 1553

Полу-шлем (1,2 кг), Германия 1553год.

Головной убор Наполеона в котором он принимал участие в битве при Ватерло, продана более чем за 400тысяч долларов.

Hat said to be worn by Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo that sold for more than $400,000 at an auction in Lyon, France

Германский шлем, 1490г.

German sallet with painted decoration, ca. 1490

Меч викинга. Найден в Финляндии с помощью обычного металлоискателя. Передан в финский нац. Музей.

Viking age sword discovered at Loppi, Finland. The sword was found by a metal detecting hobbyist from his own farmstead. He promptly informed Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

Меч датируемый между 11-12 веком, выставленный в Йоркширском музее.

The Cawood Sword dated from around the 11th or 12th Century on display at the Yorkshire Museum

French and Norman fashion in England changed the style of weapons in England. The Cawood sowrd combines Norman designs, such as a heavy blade suitable for mounted combat against armoured foes, with a crossguard and pommel more along the line of Saxon or Viking styles seen in the Danelaw in England.

It was found adjacent to the site of the Archbishop of York’s summer palace in Cawood in 1860. Due to this, and its quality, it may have belonged to him or one of his retinue.

Шинель Роберта Лии.

Uniform Coat Robert E. Lee wore when he met with Grant at Appomattox on April 9th. 1865

Маузер М1921.

Mauser M1921 “Bolo” C96 pistol. Designed by Paul Mauser c.1895, manufactured c.1921-37 by Mauser in Oberndorf, Weimar Germany.

Восточно европейский шлем.

Helmet, Western European (Hallstatt Culture) 1199-700 BC

Древнегреческие доспехи.

Ancient Greek aspis shield, muscle cuirass, Corinthian helmet, dory spear and kopis sword.

Калчидан греческого воина. Найден в южной Италии.

Chalcidian style Helmet and Muscle Cuirass of a Greek warrior. Found in Apulia, modern day south-east Italy. 340 to 330 BC.

Церимониальный, парадный, Римский шлем.

The Ribchester Helmet. A ceremonial bronze Roman cavalry parade helmet with face mask, circa 1st-2nd century AD. Uncovered near Ribchester, England.


 Бронзовый греческий шлем.

Corithian bronze Helmet of Greek Warrior Miltiades the Younger, Archaeological Museum of Olympia - Grecce 


 Железная маска, найдена под Липовцем Киевской области.

 “Frightening Iron Mask” Discovered in the Lipovets Village of the Kiev Province, Kievan Rus’, 12th – 13th Century AD.


 Зажигательная стрела. Англия, датируется серединой 17го века.

 Fire Arrow from England dated to the Mid-17th Century on display at Alnwick Castle.

Шлем с поля боя Маратон, найден с черепом воина внутри.

Corinthian helmet from the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) found with the warrior’s skull inside.


+1 # Дятел 2019-01-14 11:42
Шлем с поля боя Маратон
Все-таки нам известен как бой при Марафоне.
На первом фото - лошадкина панама, правильно зовется шанфрон.

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