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Корма U-604, потопленной американскими ВВС у побережья Бразилии 30 июля 1943 года

Местный житель грозит кулаком сбитому американскому лётчику, Эссен, Германия, 1944 год.


Покраска немецких шлемов

The German Freikorps

The Wehrmacht soldier sits next to the Soviet T-34 tank, which destroyed the wall of the building in Nemyriv. The right side of the photo shows a part of the horse's head in the harness.
The Soviet medium tank T-34 with the L-11 cannon of the 1940 issue, during the battle, rammed the wall of the building in the square near the court house in Nemirov, to hide from the artillery fire and enter a new position. Machine from the 15th Tank Regiment of the 8th Panzer Division of the 4th Mechanized Corps of the 6th Army of the Southwestern Front.

Кое-что, повтор.

Кое-что "баян".

Lieutenant Colonel Faulk addresses German Prisoners of War in their recreation hut at a PoW camp, somewhere in Britain, 1945.
British soldiers have a smoke in Reggio Calabria, Italy
Sergeant Adolf Yost, of Stiles, Pennsylvania, searches a German soldier (the 25,000th captured by the 90th Infantry Division in World War II) Binsfield, Luxembourg, January 31, 1945

British paratroopers carry a wounded comrade through the streets of Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.

British troops herd cattle past a Morris 'Quad' artillery tractor and 25pdr field gun, Normandy, 8 July 1944.

Working together: German and US medics await the arrival of injured personel, Aid station

us medic helping a wounded german soldier

Image German soldiers held up by freedom fighters and disarmed a place in Copenhagen , 1945

Image Freedom fighters inspecting cars at Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945

These Russian officers are interested in examining things at the former Gestapo headquarters

Russian officers are interested in examining things at the former Gestapo headquarters


Date: Between 9 May 1945 and 5 April 1946 Place: Bornholm, without detailed location Photographer: V. Hansen, Berlingske Tidende

Лаура Найт "Нюрнбергский процесс", 1946 год.

Лаура Найт "Нюрнбергский процесс", 1946 год.


# Артемий 2018-07-12 16:56
У несчастных фошиздских сниперов только одна вундервафля вальтеровская, а так и светы, и моси, причем на вальтере либо наш ПУ , либо старое уебанство немецкое стоит. Явно уже под конец.

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