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Три военнослужащих Вермахта на улице Смоленска во время боев за город.

Польша 1939г.

Генерал-майор Эрвин Роммель допрашивает пленного французского танкиста. В во время французской компании Эрвин Роммель был командиром 7-ой бронетанковой дивизии Вермахта, её часто называли "Призрачной дивизией", за успешные действия в тылу врага.
Французская кампания, июнь 1940 года.

In one of the many eroded balkas (gullies) in the outskirts of Stalingrad, The Catholic army chaplain Kriegspfarrer Dr. Alois Beck is celebrating mass to absolves soldier's sins from an unidentified infantry battalion about to attack the city, autumn 1942. What lies in store for these men, weighed down by the fear of impending death? The services is intended to calm their nerves and perhaps to offer them a little solace as well. A couple of days later, only a handful of men were left alive. "You could count them on the fingers", Dr. Beck reminisced after the war: Source :
Book "The Onslaught; The German Drive to Stalingrad Documented in 150 Unpublished Colour Photographs" by Max Hastings

A soldier picks his way through the chaos of Hall 7. This photo was taken looking back toward German lines. In the background is Hall 6, where reserve positions were set up and held by units of Infanterie -Regiment 212

Men of Company I stand guard over exhausted and cold German veterans of the Hurtgen Forest campaign. Captured at Jungersdorf on December 12, they were organized and marched out of the front lines that morning by the equally exhausted survivors of Company I, 39th Infantry Regiment.

Sunday, January 23, 1944. Anzio (Italy). An American tank destroyer entrenched in Anzio


Okinawa - U.s. Soldier Kills 2 Japanese With Flame Thrower

Okinawa - Dead Japanese Piled On Top Of Their Destroyed Tank

Image German soldiers in the destroyed fortifications of the Belgian fort Eben-Emael

Fort Eben-emael

BMW 321 staff car with F.G. 12/52 infrared driving equipment.

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