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A homemade Vietcong copy of a Thompson Submachine gun

In 1899 the Japanese adopted the Type 30 bolt action rifle. The rifle had many flaws, so it was redesigned by Kijiro Nambu, and the new Model, called the Type 38 was adopted in 1905.  In 1939 the Japanese adopted a new and improved bolt action rifle in a new caliber, it was called the Type 99. In 1942 they developed a shortened paratrooper version of the Type 99, it was called the Type 2.



A German combination 8x57mm bolt action Mauser rifle/16 gauge shotgun crafted by Georg Knaak of Berlin, early 20th century.

Engraved German pinfire revolver with carved ivory furniture, crafted in Frankfurt, dated 1862.

The Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser Bolt Action Rifle,

Like all other Latin American nations, Brazil chose the Mauser bolt action rifle as the primary service rifle for its armed forces.  The particular Mauser chosen by Brazil was a modified copy of the Gewehr 98 called the Mauser Model 1908, which was manufactured by Deutsche Waffe und Munitionsfabriken in Berlin.  The Brazilian Model 1908 was similar in most respects to the Gew 98.  However the Model 1908 used a folding rear elevation sight rather than the tangent-curve sight used by the Gew 98.  The Model 1908 also lacks the bolt disassembly hole common on most Germany rifles.  Most importantly, the Model 1908 was chambered for the 7x57mm cartridge, a caliber common with many Latin American nations.

Argentine contract Vickers Class C/T tank machine gun

The Model 1920 French Police Contract Broomhandle Pistol,

One of the rarest contract models of the Broomhandle pistol was the M1920 French contract.  Produced by Mauser Works in Germany, 1,000 of these pistols were manufactured for the French Gendarmie Nationale in 1920.  Chambered for 7.63x25 Mauser and holding ten rounds in a fixed magazine, the French contract model only had two differences between regular German issued broomhandle pistols.  First, the French contract featured a 3.9 inch barrel, as the post World War I Versailles Treaty banned the production of pistols with barrel lengths 4 inches or longer.  Secondly, instead of wooden grips, the French contract grips were made of ebonite, a type of vulcanized rubber.

yesterdaysprint:“ Collier’s, October 1909”

Luristan Sword, C. 1000 BC

An ancient Near Eastern bronze split ‘ear’ pommel sword, dating to around 1000 BC.

A formidable Bronze Age sword. The long blade with a broad mid-rib, tapering to a point, the bifurcated pommel cast onto the hilt, itself separately cast to the blade and joined with a v-shaped section. The distinctive shape of the pommel has hollow sections which would once have contained inlays of bone or wood.

At first glance this impressive sword would appear to be utilitarian weapon, designed simply for battle. But look closer and you will see that the blacksmith has taken time to inscribe various patterns across the hilt and pommel; geometric sketches and even an abstract face mask. A care and attention that suggests this was a prized object in antiquity.

A pair of Viking Age swords from Norway.

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