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It was designed by Gulkevitch in 1916 based on an American chassis built by Allis Chalmers Motor Trucks. Originaly named Ахтырец it was renamed   Красный Петербург, Red Petersburg, an armored tractor later on after being captured by the Bolsheviks.

Battle of Flers-Courcelette. A Brigadier and his staff outside a Mk 1 (male) tank 'Dinnaken' D17 of D Company, 3 section, D Group, which was retired damaged and left behind British Lines, and used as his Headquarters. Near Flers, 21 September 1916

IWM (Q 32521) “Officers of the 2nd King’s Shropshire Light Infantry with skulls excavated during the construction of trenches and dugouts at the ancient Greek site of Amphipolis, 1916.” by Varges, Ariel 

September 1916 Official Canadian photographer  William Ivor Castle   takes this photo, Mikan 3395793, of men bringing in a wounded Canadian on a light rail from during the Battle of Courcelette (  Sep 15 1916 – Sep 22 1916 )

IWM (Q 4423) “Caterpillar Tractor sunk in the mud on the Guillemont-Martinpuich road in October 1916 by Brooke, John Warwick (Lieutenant) (Photographer)

Production date: 1916-10 

Corpses of Russian soldiers after the battle of Usdau, August 1914.

Australian soldiers, mainly from the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, in a Turkish trench captured during the Battle of Lone Pine, August 1915. The trench is roofed with pine logs to protect from shrapnel and grenades. 

Dec 28 1918 Machine gun position of polish insurgents on a balcony in Poznan

Dec 28 1918 Machine gun position of polish insurgents on a balcony in Poznan

A French 9.2-inch fortress gun firing towards the Asiatic coast during the Gallipoli campaign, 1915.

Two armoured Rolls-Royce cars operating in the Jordan Valley in conjunction with the Australian Light Horse.

US Marines in Peking (China, 1900).

A ‘C’ Battalion tank bringing in a captured 15 cm naval gun. Wood east of Ribecourt on the Marcoing Road,  Nov 29 1917 -  © IWM (Q 6357)

The Japanese battleship Haruna under attack by US Navy aircraft at her moorings. Kure, Japan. 28th of July 1945.

Jun 13 1918 War photographer John Warwick Brooke takes this photo, IWM Q 6733, of a traffic control, wearing his brassard, examining a driver's pass at Souchez. Note the armoured sentry box for use during shelling. 20th Division 

New-York Tribune May 26, 1918 \ Rough Seas in the Atlantic

E Gordon Riggall, a pilot of 16 Naval Squadron, Hendon 9 September 1914.

Apr 4 1919, “5,800 men and officers of the 26th, Yankee Division, with Maj Gen Harry C. Hale, forming the vanguard of the division, arrived in Boston, aboard the transport Mt. Vernon. (Boston Globe Archive) “


SMS Deutschland / U-155


p.s. Останки солдат собранные для перезахоронения после Верденской мясорубки - одного из самых кровопролитных сражений Первой мировой. Франция, 1918 год.

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