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Клик по рекламе - посильная благодарность.

Command of the 259th Fighter Air Division

June 21, 1943. Volkswagen Type 82 Kübelwagen (literally, tub or bucket car) WH-1276387 'Feldgendarmerie' on the Eastern Front during' Opera­tion Cita­del'.

B-17 Flying Fortress crew members Gus Palmer (left), a citizen of the Kiowa nation and a side gunner, and Horace Poolaw (right), also a Kiowa and an aerial photographer, stand near their aircraft at MacDill Field, Florida., in about 1944.

“Beute-Zirkus Rosarius”
A US serviceman (appears to be a paratrooper) looks at recently recaptured P-47D (T9+LK) at Göttingen, Germany, (probably April) 1945.

Private of the Polish Army (Wojsko Polskie) | Рядовой Войска Польского. 1944-1945
Photo by Anatoly Arkhipov


 An image colorized by Olga Shirnina that was finished on May 26. The photo shows a wreath-laying ceremony in Warsaw in 1939, several months before Nazi Germany invaded Poland. This is one of three images Shirnina says would almost certainly result in a suspension of her account if she were to post it to Facebook.


The command of the 3rd shock army, whose troops hoisted the Banner of Victory over the Reichstag. From left to right: Litvinov A.I., Kuznetsov V.I., between them Major General Bukshtynovich.
Командование 3-й ударной армии, войска которой водрузили Знамя Победы над Рейхстагом. Слева направо: Литвинов А.И., Кузнецов В.И., между ними генерал-майор Букштынович.
Спасибо Андрей Маловъ (André Freiherr von Mahlow)
 за консультацию по униформе!!

Recolor Klimbim

Reichstag 1945 | Рейхстаг 1945 Огромное спасибо Андрей Маловъ (Andreas von Mahlow) за консультацию по униформе!


Norfolk & Western Train #2 arrives at the Waynesboro Station, Waynesboro, Virginia, April 14, 1955. – original photograph by O. Winston Link

1938 - Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company's diesel and steam locomotives at the 18th Street coach yard in Chicago, Illinois. The steam locomotive, in the middle, is "Blue Goose" No. 3460.


1920 Olds Coupe model 37

1919 Studebaker

~1931 - Ford AA Truck

Russia, 1900s | Россия, 1900-е
Photo: S. Hopwood
Фото: С. Гопвуд

Recolor Klimbim

1928 Buicks next to the factory
Recolor - Imbued with Hues

Nikolay Popov, a famous Russian Pilot |
Николай Евграфович Попов, русский воздухоплаватель и лётчик

Battery in position. Austrian front
Батарея на позиции. Австрийский фронт. 1914-1916

Клик по рекламе - посильная благодарность.

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