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US soldiers lay to rest one of their brothers in arms Henri-Chapelle, Belgium - March 14, 1945.
+95 year old Vito Mastrangelo (soldier second from left in the pic)

Many have tried to identify the face in this most famous wartime photo , it has been claimed that it is not a 'Walter Ambrusch' but more than likely to be 'Hans Tragarsky' who survived the war and died on the 7th January 2011.
He was 23 when this photo was taken and all that he recalled about that day was that his unit ambushed a convoy of American armour & soft skinned vehicles and, after the fight was over, they took food, weapons and cigarettes from the US wreckage. Cameramen from the "Propagandakompanie" came by, stopped and asked if they could take pictures.... nothing spectacular, another skirmish, another day.
The images found their way into US hands (from a captured cameraman as a newsreel shows us) so at least we can see the cine images for ourselves to get a feel for what may have transpired.

Charente-Maritime, France, 31 March 1944.

Charente-Maritime, France, 31 March 1944.


There were 12 survivors including Kapitänleutnant Schreiber. They were taken prisoner by the Dutch and landed at Gibralter 8 hours later.

The last war patrol of Dutch submarine Hr.Ms O-21 in the Mediterranean would be her most successful.

10 October 1943

The crew of HM Submarine 'UNISON' display their 'Jolly Roger' at Devonport, Plymouth, having returned from a successful 16 months in the Mediterranean.

This submarine took passage to UK from Malta for a refit on 9 September 1943 and after sailing from Gibraltar carried out a patrol west of Cadiz before arriving at Devonport on 28th to Pay-off. Refit work was completed in February 1944 and she recommissioned for trials and training duties in the 6th Submarine Flotilla based at Blyth.

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