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Китайская копия русской СВД. Norinco NDM-86.

Chinese copy of the Russian SVD, the NDM-86 was available in the traditional 7.62x54R as well as 7.62x51 for the U.S market. The immediate difference between the two is that the 7.62x51 model used a straight boxed magazine. However there was a very rare early variant marked EM-352 which used a curved magazine identical to the SVD but was still chambered in 7.62x51. (GRH)


Model 1903 Springfield - .30-06

STG 44 - 7.92x33mm \ HK93 - 5.56x45mm


Финская М39. Вариант Русской винтовки Мосина.

Finnish M39

A variant of the Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30, the M39 was Finland’s version of the simple but effective rifle. The major difference though is quality and attention to detail. While the 91/30′s were mass produced quickly, the M39′s were built with a bit more care and precision, along with slight changes while still retaining its identity as a Mosin. If you’ve ever held (or owned both) a 91/30 and M39, you can kind of see why among Mosin collectors the M39 is called the “Cadillac” version. While a standard 91/30 may run you $250~ or less, an M39 is usually around double the price. If it has an artic birch stock with the flame grain, they can hit upwards of $1,000~. (GRH)

M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine

Berdan II M1870 - 10.67x58mmR

Албанская версия СКС. Albanian Model 561 SKS - 7.62x39mm

Beretta Model 38 - 9x19mm

1871 Mauser Carbine - 11.15x60mmR

Springfield 1873 Trapdoor - .45-70


M41 Tankbüchse

From Morphy Auctions

Швейцарский револьвер 1882года, с деревянной рукояткой.

Swiss ordnance 1882 revolver with wood grips

Браунинг. \ CZ 83 - .380 ACP

Gold inlaid double action revolver with carved grips, marked “BRITISH CONSTABULARY”, circa 1875-1890.

Lahti Husqvarna M/40 - 9x19mm

Webley No1 Mk1 self-loading pistol, Royal Horse Artillery model, with original stock

Manufactured in 1915, serial number 6278, .455 Webley Auto.

Borchardt C-93 pistol
Manufactured by Ludwig Lowe in Germany, serial number 689.
7,65mm Borchardt, 7-rounds removable box magazine - probably the first of its kind in pistols.
Considered the first commercially successful semi-automatic pistol design, the toggle-lock mechanism of the C-93 was upgraded by Georg Luger into the Parabellum pistol in 1898.

Experimental FNA Pistola Automatica da Guerra “Sosso”

Designed by Giulio Sosso in and manufactured by Fabbrica Nazional d’Armi in Brescia, Italy c.1942, serial number 8A.
9mm Parabellum, 21-rounds magazine, holster stock, all steel.
Two interesting features to be noted here. First off, the magazine does not use a simple leaf spring to push a stack of cartridges up, but is in fact a contained metal belt of ammunition indexed with each shot. It is a unique design with arguably little gain in capacity for the extra cost it incurs, and one of the reason Italy did not adopt this design, deep in WW2 as it was. The second feature is a leather holster with a steel rig that doubles as a telescopic stock. Now that’s just plain awesome.

Walther P38

Manufactured by Carl Walther Waffenfabrik in Zella-Mehlis, Germany c.1940 - serial number 3369a.
9mm Parabellum 8-round magazine, short recoil semi automatic, side-mounted lanyard ring.

Remington Model 51 pistol

Designed by John Pedersen and Manufactured by Remington Arms c.1918-1927 - serial number PA27832.
.380ACP 7-round removable box magazine, Pedersen’s hesitation locked blowback semi-automatic.

Nambu Type A Experimental pistol

Designed by Kijiro Nambu and manufactured by the Tokyo Artillery Arsenal in Koishikawa c.1921 - serial number 4.
8x22mm Nambu 15-round double stack removable box magazine, in a sharply-angled grip, recoil-operated semi-automatic.


+1 # Walther 2019-01-22 06:25
Очень интересная подборка прекрасных образцов оружия. Ремингтон 51 довольно редкая модель, давно ищу для коллекции. ЧЗ 83, однако, не имеет много общего с моделями великого Джона Браунинга, на нем просто обозначен калибр и тип патрона к нему - 9 мм Браунинг, что довольно странно, т.к. эти пистолеты выпускаются в калибре 7,65 мм Браунинг и 9х18. Какой-то особый вариант базовой модели ЧЗ82.
А мой любимый Вальтер Р38 красивый, правда?!
+1 # waffen 2019-01-22 23:23
Спасибо, поправил. Ну и для вас еще две фотографии.

+1 # Walther 2019-01-23 09:11
Прямо пещера Али-бабы с россыпью вальтеров! Спасибо!

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