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Springfield M1903 sniper rifle

Springfield M1903 sniper rifle

Manufactured at the Springfield Armory c.late 1930′s - serial number 937700.
.30-06 25-round Air Service fixed box magazine, Warner and Swasey telescopic musket sight M1913, bolt action repeating rifle.

Jacob’s rifle

Designed by brigadier general John Jacob c.1859 and manufactured by Swinburn&Sons c.1862 for Jacob’s own Indian rifleman regiment - serial number 370.
.524 caliber bullet with four .585 notches that fit the gun’s rifling, fitted with a copper-cased fulminate mercury insert, percussion lock, side-by-side twin barrels, express and ladder sights. Side-mounted saber bayonet.

Norwegian Krag Jorgensen Model 1895 bolt action rifle with Boer trench art, Second Boer War, 1899-1902.

Lee-Enfield No.5 MkI “Jungle Carbine” rifle

Manufactured at the Fazakerley arsenal c.1944~47 - serial number AC4206.
.303 British 10-round removable box magazine, lightened stock, bolt, receiver and barrel, muzzle flash hider, rubber buttpad.


Vz.52/57 rifle with 1PN58 scope

Manufactured in Czechoslovakia c.1952~59 by ČZUB - serial number GR30507.
7,62x39mm 10-round detachable box magazine, reloaded mostly using stripper clips, gas operated semi-automatic fire, folding 20cm long steel bayonet, fitted with a Russian 1PN58 3,5X night vision scope.


Crespi-type Egg carbine

Designed by Milanese gunsmith Giuseppe Crespi c.late 1760′s, manufactured by Durs Egg c.1782~1810 for sir Robert Ainslie.
.65 caliber breechloader, single shot flintlock, ~87cm long steel spear bayonet.
An early breechloading rifle suffering from gas leakage, as they do. It was considered to equip some British cavalry regiments, but eventually found to be unreliable.
This is joining the Treuille de Beaulieu Mle1854 carbine as a cavalry carbine doubling as a lance.


Fusil Porfirio Díaz Sistema Mondragón Modelo 1908

Patented c.1907 by Colonel Manuel Mondragon, manufactured c.1908 by SIG Neuhausen - serial number 2.
7x57mm Spanish Mauser 5-round fixed box magazine, gas-operated semi-automatic or straight pull bolt action, early production bipod, trowel-bayonet.
One very unusual attachment, the only other military issue trowel bayonet was for the trapdoor Springfield in the late 19th century. The idea was to use the tool off the rifle as a small digging implement to create shallow ditches and offer limited cover.

Springfield Lee M1875 rifle

Designed by James P. Lee of the removable box magazine fame, manufactured at the Springfield Armory on a grant to be tested by the United States’ army c.1875 - serial number 72.
.45-70 Government single-shot rifle, Martini-Peabody type action with external hammer.
A very fast shooting single-shot firearm. The breech is opned by pushing the hammer forward, which locks the breech open using the extractor stud. When a cartridge is loaded, the rim trips that stud which releases the breech block, which is then locked into place when the hammer is cocked or half-cocked.


Henry rifle

Designed by Benjamin T. Henry c.1860 and manufactured c.1860-66 by the New Haven Arms company - serial number 1495.
.44 Henry rimfire 15-round tubular magazine, lever action repeating rifle, silver-plated brass frame.
An early production deluxe Henry rifle, showing us how good-looking a block of brass can be.


+1 # sarancha1976 2018-03-18 17:36

полноценная первая самозарядка МЕКСИКАНСКАЯ раньше федоровского автомата

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