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Adolf Hitler in 1915, taken in Fournes, near Lille (France). Source:

Знаменитый вагон..

Very rare photo of Hitler (in the car, black suit, back turned) taking the salute, circa 1925. The original source dates this as 1923.

Adolf Hitler breaking ground for construction of the Frankfurt-am-Maine - Darmstadt/Mannheim highway, part of the grand scheme for a New Germany of a network of highways to connect all big cities. Sep. 23, 1933


 Hitler at the 1937 RPT.

The Himmler family.

Himmler at the wheel of one of his first cars.

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler with his wife.




 Adolf Hitler meeting with Neville Chamberlain.

Солдаты Вермахта осматривают захваченные пулеметы Максим.

Советский тяжелый танк КВ-2 на показе комначсоставу РККА на полигоне в подмосковной Кубинке, 1941 год. 
Машина запечатлена перед преодолением противотанкового рва

Right side view of captured Kugisho MXY7 Model 11 Baka Bomb, or Ohka, Japanese rocket-powered suicide plane on the ground, circa 1945. Behind the Baka is the captured German Junkers Ju 290 A “Alles Kaputt.”

View of a Messerschmitt-built Enzian Flak Missile ( Flak Rakete 1)  in a wood support cradle inside a German hangar; probably at the Messerschmitt complex at Oberammergau, Germany, circa mid 1945, after capture by American forces.

The Enzian was designed as a response to the masses of American and British Heavy Bombers, such as the Avro Lancaster and B-17, that were plaguing the German war industry.The Enzian was fitted with a massive 500kg (1100lb) high explosive warhead designed to create a explosion and shockwave large enough to knock down several bombers at once. In total, it is estimated that up to 60 of the missiles were built, and that 38 were tested, beginning in April 1944. Due to the deteriorating manufacturing ability of the Third Reich and concern for the continuation of production of the Me 262 and Me 163 projects, the development of the Enzian was cancelled

PzKpfw III emergency exit hatch

Bones of destroyed Majdanek concentration camp prisoners

The furnace of the crematorium of the Maidanek concentration camp





General Alfred Jodl signs the German surrender at Reims on May 7, 1945

The body of a Nazi criminal – General Alfred Jodl


# Duxx1977 2018-12-13 10:42
На 2 и 3 фотках, мне кажется, может быть кто угодно, но не Гитлер...
# catfishking 2019-10-08 23:24
"Советский тяжелый танк КВ-2 на показе комначсоставу РККА".
Товарищи, а у кого-нибудь есть информация об устойчивости (остойчивости) этого танка?
Вот только сейчас, глядя на его фото над рвом, вдруг подумалось, что он узкий и высокий. Пожалуй, не припомню подобных советских танков.
Про Зиновия Колобанова, конечно, известно, но вот как КВ-2 передвигался на поле боя?

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