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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Рейтинг 4.88 (4 Голосов)

“Big T ”(Texas battleship) in Hval Fiord,February 1942. Photo from British destroyer fury

Battleship guns under construction at the Washington Navy Yard, 1917

The majestic battleship Pennsylvania passes under Brooklyn bridge January 7, 1920.The ship is in West India to undergo training

Universal battery of artillery of the battleship Pennsylvania during the shelling O. Leyte on 20 October 1944. Turrets of discarded bullet shells.

Avro Lancaster flies over smoke screens during the attack on the battleship Tirpitz(Tirpitz). Bay Kaa Fjord, Norway.15 September 1944.

“Pearl Harbor attack. View looking down Battleship Row from Ford Island Naval Air Station, shortly after the Japanese torpedo plane attack. USS California (BB-44) is at left, listing to port after receiving two torpedo hits. In the center are USS Maryland (BB-46) with the capsized USS Oklahoma (BB-37) alongside. USS Neosho (AO-23) is at right, backing clear of the area. Most smoke is from USS Arizona (BB-39).”

“USS New York (BB-34) arrives at New York from the Pacific, circa 19 October 1945. She was featured in Navy Day celebrations there later in the month.”

The battleship USS ‘New Jersey’ firing nine 16-inch guns at the same time in 1986. U.S. Navy photo

“USS Idaho (BB-42) steaming through the Panama Canal, en route to the U.S. east coast for Navy Day celebrations in October 1945.”

Destroyers javelin and Kelvin during operation.-posting of the convoy to Malta from 13 to 16 June 1942


Photographs of Royal Navy heavy cruiser HMS Exeter after her extensive refit in 1940-41.

USS Saratoga emerging from a smoke screen during fleet manoeuvres off San Diego in the 1930s.

USS Saratoga transiting the Panama Canal, 7 February 1928.

Heavy cruisers HMAS Shropshire and HMAS Australia, and an unidentified US heavy cruiser, seen through the gun sight of light cruiser USS Phoenix, off Leyte, 21 October 1944.

USS Wichita

Two Fairey Fulmars and an Albacore on the deck of HMS Victorious on convoy duty in the North Atlantic. USS Washington and USS Wichita are in the background. April/May 1942.

“The U.S. Navy heavy cruiser USS Portland (CA-33) off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California (USA), 16 May 1943.”


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