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Mannlicher M1895 and other rifle conversion Machine Guns

Made in Austria during WW1, now exhibited in Vienna.
8x50mmR M93 Mannlicher, straight-pull converted to automatic or hand-cranked rapid fire, fed with hoppers for the most part.

Thompson M1A1 submachine gun

Manufactured by Auto-Ordnance Corp. c.WW2 for the US Army - serial number 432620.
45ACP 20-round detachable stick magazine, blowback fully automatic, parkerized finish.

Saber of the musketeers of the king of France’s military household c.Bourbon Restoration, sourced to the 2nd musketeer company aka the Black Musketeers because of the color of their horses. The 1st Company was often called the Grey Musketeers.

ZK-383H submachine gun

Designed by the brothers Koucky, manufactured by Zbrojovka Brno c.1938-50′s, H model
9x19mm Parabellum 30-round magazine, blowback automatic, folding magazine and magazine well.
The H model did away with its magazine loading onto the left side of the receiver to adopt a more modern and usual bottom one. The original placement was caused by the use of this weapon as a squad machine gun role, mounted with a bipod, despite its use of a pistol round. This original use however meant that the ZK-383 series was a very sturdy weapon by SMG standards.

HB MM34 ‘Royal’ Schnellfeuer-type machine pistol

    Manufactured in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country by Beistegui Hermanos.
    7,63x25mm Mauser 20-round detachable box magazine, short recoil full automatic, air cooling fins.
    So many copies of the C96 were made, Astra made a Schnellfeuer variant even before the official one came out. This one is yet another variation with a fire rate regulating thingamajig.

Hotchkiss Mle1914 machine gun

Designed c.1897, manufactured originally c.1914~30′s, modern replica.
8x50mmR Lebel 24-round metal feed strip, gas operated automatic, air-cooled barrel.

Fusil Asalto CB-52 prototype

Designed by Joaquín De La Calzada-Bayo at La Coruna weapon factory in Spain c.1943.
7,92x51mm M.52 30-rounds removable box magazine, gas-operated select fire.


Fusil Asalto CB-51 prototype

Designed by Joaquín De La Calzada-Bayo at La Coruna weapon factory in Spain c.1943.
7,92x40mm proprietary cartridge 15-rounds removable box magazine, gas-operated select fire.

Halberd of Christian II (reigned 1601–11), Arms and Armor
Medium: Steel, wood

Gift of William H. Riggs, 1913 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

M1914 Lewis machine gun

Designed by the American colonel Isaac Newton Lewis, manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms in England. Serial Number A-37289.
47-rounds .303 British pan magazine.


A Canadian light machine gun design making use of the parts from recently-retired Ross rifles with some elements from the Lewis gun. Although no crippling flaws were noticed in field trial, and although it was in fact more resistant than many other similar gun at the time, the war ended before it could be adopted, and development was subsequentially halted. French Canadian blacksmith Joseph Alphonse Huot lost a considerable amount of money in the process with nothing to show for it.


PPSh-41 Shortened SMG

Manufactured in USSR, designed by Georgi Shpagin in 1941.
7,62x25mm Tokarev 71-rounds drum magazine, open bolt, blowback action. (о как...)

DWM Maxim 1898 Patent machine gun

Manufactured in Berlin c.1909 by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken for the Argentinian navy, serial number 94.
7,65x53 Argentine, original carriage and brass water sleeve.

Mle 1931 ‘Reibel’ quad machine gun mount

Manufactured in 1938 in France for anti-aircraft purpose using four MAC 31 machine guns.
7,5x54mm MAS Mle1929 100-round Cibié Mle 1937 pan magazine, gas operated.

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