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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Рейтинг 4.83 (9 Голосов)

Officers of the 238th Red Banner heavy howitzer artillery brigade inspect the captured Sneijder heavy French 155-mm howitzer. November 8, 1943

Hermann Göring

Hermann Göring

Что за петлички?

Эрнст Рём и Адольф Гитлер.

Walther Schröder (26.Nov 1902 - 31.Oct 1973)

“Japanese shipping under attack by carrier aircraft, in Manila Bay.” Circa 1944.

(NHHC: NH 44669)

HMS Illustrious refuels a destroyer at sea. May 1944, in the Indian Ocean.

(NHHC: A 24281)

“Yasoshima under attack by Task Force 38 aircraft off Luzon, 25 November 1944. She was sunk in this incident. The original photograph was included in the TG38.3 Action Report of 24 December 1944.”

(NHHC: NH 102090)

The prototype of self-propelled unit KV-14 (future SU-152), Chelyabinsk, the end of January 1943.

Battleship Almirante Latorre at the dock

German soldiers at the tank FCM 2C

Battleship Revenge in 1935

“Sails Like Crazy”-“goes like crazy”-another moniker salt lake city.
The photo of the cruiser in Camden,June 30, 1934

“USS Hancock (CV-19). View of the ship’s stern, port side, December 1944. Note SB2C Helldiver on the flight deck, wearing Hancock’s “horseshoe” tail marking.”

(NHHC: 80-G-K-15888)

Dornier Do-335

“Pearl Harbor attack. View looking down Battleship Row from Ford Island Naval Air Station, shortly after the Japanese torpedo plane attack. USS California (BB-44) is at left, listing to port after receiving two torpedo hits. In the center are USS Maryland (BB-46) with the capsized USS Oklahoma (BB-37) alongside. USS Neosho (AO-23) is at right, backing clear of the area. Most smoke is from USS Arizona (BB-39).”

(NHHC: 80-G-32640)

“Firefighters busy on board HMS Formidable after a Japanese suicide plane had crashed on the flight deck whilst she was operating off the Sakishima Islands in support of the Okinawa landings. A Chance-Vought Corsair with its wings folded can be seen next to the badly scorched island whilst black smoke pours from the burning wreckage at the far end of the flight deck.”

(IWM: A 29313)

“Deck crewmen aboard USS Bennington (CV-20) maneuver an SB2C of Bombing Squadron 82 (VB-82) into position on the carrier’s flight deck. VB-82 operated from Bennington during the period February-June 1945.”

(National Naval Aviation Museum: NNAM.1996.253.357)

A U.S. Marine fires his M1 Thompson sub machine gun at Japanese positions on Peleliu Atoll, September 1944.

“The Campaign in the Dutch East Indies, April - September 1944: An American landing craft, loaded with troops, approaches the beach at Hollandia. In the background shell bursts from the preliminary bombardment can be seen.”

(IWM: NYF 23240)

“Surrendered destroyers, submarines, and other ships of the Japanese Navy moored at Kure after the end of World War II, circa October 1945. Ships include: destroyers, Hanazuki, Natsuzuki, Harutsuki, Yoizuki, Yukaze; submarines, I-47, I-36, I-402, I-203, I-58, I-53. Description: Courtesy of Chief Photographer’s Mate John Lee Highfill (retired).”

(NHHC: NH 94884)

“Aerial of Wake Island at the height of the attack by U.S. carrier-based planes and ship bombardment. A fire burns near the airfield while in the foreground are the remains of a Japanese ship that was beached after being hit in December 1941 by Marines defending the base when it fell to the invading Japanese. October 5-6, 1943.”

(NHHC: 80-G-85197)

“Kyushu Maru beached and sunk on Guadalcanal, in November 1943. She had been the victim of U.S. air attacks on 15 October 1942. Note wrecked Japanese landing craft in center.”

(NHHC: 80-G-K-1467-C)

On August 28, 1939, the Mona Lisa left the Louvre and on September 3, as war had been declared, a decision was taken to ensure that all of the most precious works would leave the premises by nightfall.

Vienna during the Red Army’s “invasion”. (April 1945)


“Five inch/ 38 battery of USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) bombarding Leyte on 20 October 1944.”

(NHHC: 80-G-288468)

The last Ford GPW to be produced at one of their plants during WWII. Serial number reads 20748944. Not sure if the “44” designates the year or if it’s just a random number in the series.

Soldiers Batrakov and Tamberidze posing, East Prussia, 27 october 1944?. Photo taken by Mark Redkin, the sign behind them reading Германия, Germany.



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