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Nickel Plate 765 departing Chicago and North Western Terminal \ Chicago September 1984

Кликабельно. “CSS&SB car 1 heads up a train at Randolph Street in downtown Chicago in 1946.”

This is a transfer move for the Chessie Steam Special back in the late 1970s. I believe this is where the joint C&O/B&O trackage splits. The C&O heads for Chicago (through Peru) and the B&O runs toward Indianapolis. This train took the former route for Chicago.

One image by Richard Koenig; taken June 5th 1978.

“Photo was taken through an open window from inside the interlocking tower in 1979. The westbound train is passing through Willow Creek Junction on the Garrett Subdivision. I thought the old B&O caboose looked pretty neat as it banged across the (NYC) Michigan Central Porter Branch diamonds.“

Portage, Indiana 1979 Photo by George M. Stupar

Locomotive: RGS 455

A view of the elevated train station at Quincy and Wells Streets in Chicago’s Loop, September 8, 1949. Photograph by Phillips (first name unknown)

“Illinois Central’s new Green Diamond is christened at IC’s Central Station, Chicago, May 17, 1936, in a photo from Chicago in the 1930s, a gallery of photos by William Ranke in the Fall 2017 issue of Classic Trains magazine.”

A bread salesman from Wisconsin, Richard Jensen acquired his first steam locomotive, GTW 5629, in 1959 and refurbished it for use in steam fan trips based out of Chicago in the 1960s. Jensen would acquire several other steam locomotives including CB&Q 5632 and 4963 for other excursions. After several cancelled trips in the early 1970s, GTW 5629 sat at the Rock Island's Burr Oak Yard which became owned by Metra after the Rock's demise. After several failed attempts to move the locomotive off of their property, Metra ended up scrapping the unit on site as seen in this photo. Tom Golden photo.

“Baltimore & Ohio train 10, the Chicago-Pittsburgh Gateway, has crossed the Chicago River on its way out of town and is about to rattle the multiple diamonds at Ash Street. A minimal consist of a food service coach and a heavyweight coach bracketed by baggage and storage express cars will be adequate for the few passengers that will be riding this semi-local behind E8 1435.”

Chicago August 12, 1969 \ Photo by Tom Nelligan

New York Central Railroad streamlined “Mohawk” steam locomotive at LaSalle Street Station, Chicago, Illinois, 1939.

Кликабельно. “CSL 3010 is westbound on Randolph in Chicago’s Loop.  The film Holiday, starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, is on one of the theater marquees, which dates this picture to 1938.  Besides the Hotel Sherman, we can see the Oriental, United Artists, and Woods theaters, plus Henrici’s restaurant.“


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