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Подпись гласит: Jap Soldiers tortured & executed American & British POWS. These animals escaped extensive post war trials & execution. More Germans were prosecuted. They torturously murdered over 300,000 people in Nanking alone. This number doesn't include the toll for the rest of China. They buried civilians alive, raped & mutilated girls as young as 6 years old and even cut their private parts in order to be raped, pregnant women & elderly's were also raped, they had beheading contests, had biological experim

Мне кажется это вовсе кадр из фильма.



stories about Korea during Japanese invasion and occupation 1920-1945.

Chinese Boxer rebels executed by Japanese soldiers - 1900


 A Japanese soldier kneels before a fallen comrade, Siege of Tsingtao, World War I.


Подпись гласит: - Nazi with his young victim in hand. The German Nazis were despicable murderers.

Но мне кажется униформа у него не немецкая.




 The crew of a TBF Avenger of Torpedo Squadron (VT) 31 scrambles from the sinking aircraft after the pilot ditched it during flight operations on board the light carrier Cabot (CVL 28) on September 6, 1943, sixty-nine years ago today.


A WWII-era fighter plane is brought to land from Lake Michigan at Waukegan Harbor in Waukegan, Ill. A group of undersea treasure hunters and Great Lakes salvage experts have retrieved the plane 60-plus years after it fell off a training aircraft carrier and into the water some 50 miles off shore from Chicago. The plane will be restored and displayed at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. / USA Today. 24 Apr. 2009.


 The area around the town of Popondetta, New Guinea, and up into the Owen Stanley Mountain Range separating the town from Port Moresby saw some of the most vicious fighting of World War II. Australian and local forces fought pitched battles and were able to stop the Japanese advance in 1942. American airpower was involved in the struggle, with relics still visible there abandoned beside the local airport, including this B-25 Mitchell bomber parked where it was left.



 Abandoned, crashed and destroyed aircraft are a rare sight around the globe, which make these some of the most intensely fascinating to behold. Knowing that they were once flying high above, but now reduced to rusting on the ground, discover the stories behind these doomed and derelict aircrafts.








# Артемий 2017-07-04 15:51
Но мне кажется униформа у него не немецкая.
Финик . Без пагонов.

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