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SG-2 during the tests. December 1942

SG-2 during the tests. December 1942
On the right you can clearly see the ledge, to cover the armor  system Unlike I-35, CR-2 installing exchange machine gun of DT was preserved Clearly visible behind the gunner’s hatch of the wheelhouse to facilitate the loading of ammunition. The gun at maximum elevation

Draft SG-122 M, the end of June 1942
The SG-122 M. On the concept of the development of the construction Bureau of factory No. 592 was very close to the average ACS of the Sverdlovsk design
A longitudinal section of the SG-122 M. You can see how the layout differs from ZIKE-11
No less than the concept of the fighting compartment were different and on top
The reconstruction of the SG-122 M in scale 1:35, made on factory drawings. Author – Alexander Kalashnik.
Draft SG-122У
Despite the more compact a-11, really in SG-122U inside was more closely

Heavy cruiser Suffolk in 1935

Heavy cruiser Suffolk in 1935

Tank T-12 prior to testing, the front view. Photos made on the territory of the military depot No. 37 in Moscow. July 1930. Clearly the design of the gun mask.

Battleship Rivadavia dock in the Brooklyn shipyard,7 August 1913

Hit by a Wedge 57-mm tank destroyer the ZIS-30. Autumn 1941

Hit by a Wedge 57-mm tank destroyer the ZIS-30. Autumn 1941

British cruiser tanks Mk. VI “Crusader” at El Alamein.

The launch of the latter (in the end, was not completed) of the glorious family of German battle cruisers-Mackensen-state-owned shipyard Wilhelmshaven on 21 April 1917.On this ship the Germans after the Americans and British introduced a nasal bulb (in the German edition of the slotted torpedo tubes).

Personnel and equipment the 5th SS Panzer division “Viking” (5. SS-Panzer-Division “Wiking”) near the Polish village of Drawsko Pomorskie (Maciejewo). The division launched a counterattack in an attempt to contain the rapid advance of tank units of the red Army during operation Bagration. In the foreground floating car Volkswagen Typ 166 (Schwimmwagen). Further, half-track armored personnel carrier Sd. Kfz. 251 and the tank “Panther” and Pz. Kpfw. V. (tactical number 501) of the 5th company of the 2nd battalion of the 5th Panzer regiment SS.

Belgian infantry firing from behind cover, 1914.

British tank Crusty near Elverdinge, 11 September 1917.

British tank Crusty near Elverdinge, 11 September 1917.

Units of the Bulgarian army armed medium tanks of the German production of the Pz.IV during the fighting against the German army, 1944-1945.



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