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OTTO LILIENTHAL in his Big Biplane, 1895

Otto Lilienthal, a 19th-century German engineer who inspired the Wright brothers, Lilienthal pioneered glider flight. In 1896 a photographer captured him aloft days before he died after a flight accident.

Abba Kovner, Leader of the Fareynegte Partizaner Organizatsiya (United Partisan Organization), the Armed Anti-nazi Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto and Later, in the Forests Outside Vilna, Lithuania     1944

Before and after the war (Kovner survived), Abba Kovner was a poet.  Speaking of the drawings of another partisan leader, made during the war, he said “…artistic vision involves a harmony in line, form and colour, a universe which is in essence ordered. How can a collapsing universe, one that is crumbling and falling apart - how can a world of ruin be displayed by such means?” Abba Kovner

Professor Zerbe’s multiplane is attempting to take-off on Dominguez Field, with a gas-filled balloon in flight in the background, Los Angeles, 1910

This photograph depicts the aftermath of Zerbe’s multiplane crash just after it hit a hole on the runway during its take-off attempt. LA, 1910

View showing two men running toward the “multiplane” after its crash, LA, 1910

Agatha Christie with her surfing board in Cape Town, South Africa, 1920′s. She was among Britain’s first ‘stand-up’ surfers.

A researcher from the Museum of British Surfing says that only one other Brit seems to have taken up surfing before the Christie: Prince Edward.

Gloria Swanson reading ‘The Shulamite’, the literary basis for the silent film ‘Under the Lash’ directed by Sam Wood, 1921

Frantisek Drtikol :: Salome, ca. 1925




# Quatro 2017-03-14 03:17
Ретроспективно, спасибо, правда много где отсутствуют подписи, а лица не все знакомы.

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